Hello, hello, parents to be! 

New baby life is one of my favourite things to photograph. It’s such a fleeting and beautiful stage in your family.

I offer a documentary style of maternity and newborn photography. My approach is always on natural, more real-life images and less on the posed, photoshopped and fake because let’s be honest, those images even suck to take.

Winnipeg Newborn Photographer


The best time to take maternity photos  is usually between 32 and 37 weeks, depending on how you’re feeling and carrying. This is a personal preference rather than a rule. We took ours at 36 because my baby bump was so tiny until the very end.

Locations vary from in people’s homes, documenting life before baby to out in nature in beautiful spots. Think your neighbourhood, a favourite park, out at the lake or in a forest surrounded by tall trees. I’ll always help you with suggestions if you’re not sure what you’d like to do.

A maternity shoot is usually 1.5 – 2 hours long often in the late afternoon or evening depending on the season and sunset time. I deliver approximately 100-140 images.

Winnipeg Maternity PhotographerWinnipeg Newborn PhotographerWinnipeg Newborn PhotographerWinnipeg Maternity Photographer


I often come to my clients homes for newborn photos for several reasons. After having a new baby, not having to schedule feeds with packing up and getting out the door when you’re probably still sore from labour is just really nice for you. You can make food, rest or do whatever you need to do in the comfort of your home. Additionally, everything is just a whole lot more real in the place you brought your baby home to for the first time.

Newborn photos are preferably taken within the first 4-12 days.

Winnipeg Maternity PhotographerWinnipeg Maternity PhotographerWinnipeg Newborn Photographer

The shoot is usually around 1.5 – 2 hours leaving time for feeding baby in the middle. I’ll photograph as much or as little as you want. Some of my clients love tasteful breastfeeding photos (obviously these will not be shared online by me) but it’s not for everyone. I’ll get a variety of photos of you interacting with your spouse and baby as well as photos of baby alone.

My approach with baby outfits is always less is more! I’ll show up with a few swaddles that photograph well just in case but I’d love to use the ones you already own as they will become special to you. Aiden and Anais is great if you’re looking. I love the simple images that come from a baby in a neutral swaddle and just a diaper. But bonnets and toques and small headbands are totally A-Ok too. If you have an outfit you really love, of course I won’t say no!

Images are delivered within 3 weeks of the shoot and often much quicker. Depends on my workload around the time of your shoot! You can expect approximately 100-140 images from the shoot.

Winnipeg Maternity Photographer

Lighting is so so very important to great newborn photos, more-so than any other type of shoot in my opinion because baby skin tones are tough! I don’t bring flash lighting, so it’s important your home be well windowed. The best natural lighting comes from South facing windows as the whole room will usually be bright with warm toned light most of the day. Exact start times are very specific to the time of year your baby is born so we’ll chat about all this and come up with the best plan!

Wall colour also is important to great newborn photos. Light, neutral walls are great! If you have a bright coloured accent wall please let me know as it will likely cast the shade on your skin while we’re shooting! For example, a bright accent green wall will make a baby’s skin appear green tinged even if we’re not shooting directly against it. Yuck! The camera picks up on everything that our eyes sometimes overlook.

Winnipeg Newborn Photographer

Newborn photo tips:

  • Try and feed the baby right before / as I’m arriving if possible.
  • Increase the temperature in your home so baby is totally happy and content being naked.
  • Another way to help baby sleep while we shoot is to toss a blanket we’ll be using in the dryer for a few minutes to warm it up.
  • I’m totally willing to help you put your baby to sleep. If you need a break, let me do the rocking and whatever else. I’ll still get photos of you doing these things too as it’s real life!
  • Ask your husband to help you out with baby before I arrive so you can do your hair and makeup.

Winnipeg Newborn PhotographerWinnipeg Maternity Photographer


I have a simple pricing system for newborn and maternity photos.

  • $400 – maternity shoot
  • $475 – newborn shoot
  • $800  – combination package with both shoots.


  • All your edited digital keeper images. (100-170 per shoot)
  • My time to shoot and edit the photos.
  • If your home / shoot location is outside of Steinbach, I ask that you cover my gas or let me hitch a ride!

I take very few of these packages each year because my schedule is predominantly packed with weddings, especially in the summer and fall months. It’s best to get on my radar early if you know you’re expecting and are interested in having me photograph you.

Can’t wait to celebrate with you!
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