Let’s get to know each other! I’ll go first. Here’s a little photo story about me and my family.

Canadian Elopement Photographer_0723

Ryan, Moses and I and announcing our teeny tiny second little boy on the way!

Canadian Elopement Photographer_0718

Ryan and I at our wedding in 2013. Canadian Elopement Photographer_0719

Our darling little Moses who arrived 2 years later in 2015! He is the best thing that’s ever been ours.

Canadian Elopement Photographer_0720

Canadian Elopement Photographer_0721

This sappy post wouldn’t be complete without showing you my first camera. Thank you mama bear!

Canadian Elopement Photographer_0722Canadian Elopement Photographer_07242017-12-07_0042

Annnnnd introducing our newest little heartthrob baby boy, Avi Pierce was born October, 2017!

We pronounce his name like “awvie”

Now tell me your story and let’s create something beautiful together.

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