Sharla and Noah invited their family and friends to celebrate their elopement in the mountains and brought me along to capture it all! In my opinion a Banff wedding at Christmas is one of the prettiest ways to do a wedding. The crisp mountain air, perfect blue lakes and fresh snow were unreal. The location set the perfect stage for their intimate celebration filled to the brim with love and belly laughs.

I flew into Calgary early afternoon on the Friday. Just in case something went wrong with my flights, I would have the option to catch a later one to make it for the wedding on Saturday. I rented a car and took the scenic drive towards Banff National Park. It really is a majestic feeling watching the view change from rolling hills into massive mountains. Doesn’t matter how many times you’ve made the drive.

I would love to share these images with you from the most lovely of days!

Elk + Avenue BanffWedding Elk + Avenue Banff 2019-02-16_0054 2019-02-16_0055

Our day on Saturday started off relaxed while Sharla and Noah got ready in separate rooms at the Elk + Avenue hotel. They chose to read the love letters and promises they wrote to each other in the quiet private moments of the morning. Afterwards we headed to Canmore for their first look.

Bride love letter2019-02-16_0057 Canmore Bridge Wedding 2019-02-16_0059 Banff Flower Co 2019-02-16_0061 2019-02-16_0062 2019-02-16_0063 2019-02-16_0064 2019-02-16_0065 2019-02-16_0066 2019-02-16_0067 2019-02-16_0068 2019-02-16_0069 2019-02-16_0070 2019-02-16_0071

It’s hard to really grasp from these images how insanely cold we were! But I think adrenaline kicks in when you’re the bride because Sharla was a super star through this.

St. Georges in the Pines 2019-02-16_0073St. Georges in the Pines 2019-02-16_0075 2019-02-16_0076 St. Georges in the Pines Wedding 2019-02-16_0078 Sparklers Wedding Banff Sparklers Wedding Banff 2019-02-16_0081 2019-02-16_0082 2019-02-16_0083 2019-02-16_0084 2019-02-16_0085 Banff Wedding 2019-02-16_0087 The Bison Banff The Bison Banff

Reception was hosted at The Bison

Just going to say, that this was one of the best wedding meals I’ve had! Weddings at restaurants like The Bison are amaaaazing. Guests can have the choice to order their own food exactly the way they’d like right at the table. Personally, I love the family atmosphere and warmth that comes from sharing a meal in an intimate space like a restaurant instead of a traditional wedding banquet venue. And bonus – the decor of The Bison was already beautiful and hosted Sharla and Noah’s event perfectly with minimal extra decor required from them.

2019-02-16_00992019-02-16_0090 2019-02-16_00922019-02-16_0095 2019-02-16_00942019-02-16_00982019-02-16_00972019-02-16_0096

Congrats Sharla & Noah on your beautiful Banff wedding!

It couldn’t have been any more lovely.

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Here’s a list of the other talented people involved in making this Banff wedding day a success: